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Newest Release!

Comprehensive Peace Education: Educating for Global Responsibility (2021 Edition)

Author: Betty A. Reardon

Betty A. Reardon’s groundbreaking work provides one of the first and clearest articulations of the field of peace education in theory and practice. In this special 2021 Edition, Reardon provides a new, reflective introduction on the emerging needs and challenges to the field for the 21st century.

A Call for Contributions to a Volume Redefining Security

“Feminists Perspectives on Global Security: Confronting Convergent Existential Crises”

Editors: Betty A. Reardon, Asha Hans, Soumita Basu and Yuuka Kagayma
Publisher: Peace Knowledge Press

The shifting of the geopolitical ground from which unprecedented convergent global crises challenge the world power structures has thrown the security establishment dangerously off balance. There is a growing recognition that the dominant state security paradigm is dysfunctional. A widening of the security discourse presents possibilities for serious consideration of alternatives. Feminist security perspectives seek to illuminate global crises, so as to inspire ways of thinking about global security that are more conducive to the survival of humanity and our planet. This collection is intended to explore some of those ways of thinking and potential strategies of change to transform the global security system from endemic conflict/crisis into stable human security consistent based on ecological health and human agency and responsibility.

The central inquiry of the collection is, “How do the three most urgent and widely recognized existential global crises and their systemic interrelationships impact the experience of and possibilities for human security, now and throughout the twenty-first century?

Abstracts Due: May 15